The best floor mats to protect your vehicles interior.

Some people struggle to find a way to keep dirt and grime off their car’s floor – here is the perfect solution – by fitting a set of car mats you have a lowcost way of protecting the carpet which in turn can help make sure yourcar has the highest value when it comes to the time to sell.

Your car carpet can, over time, become soiled, marked and eventually worn out and a set of our mats will help prevent your car becoming one of those difficult to sell, unloved looking ones that never seem to sell for what it should be worth. There are, of course, several types of car mats. To help you navigate through the at times confusing jargon used to describe them, here is a short guide.

  • Tailored car mats cover the principal “wear”areas in your car – ie – each footwell, where feet rest. A tailored set fits the footwell perfectly and our patterns usually follow the car manufacturers own approved pattern. This means the mats fit better than most other supplier’s fitted mats and certainly all universal mats – our mats are shaped and cut to do the optimum job in protecting the interior of your car whilst many have a different aim of producing a cheap alternative by literally cutting corners. With these, and with universal mats, you invariably get areas that are not covered and where dirt collects. A set of our fitted mats looks better, fits better, and protects better.

  • Car mats collect a lot of dirt over time and must therefore be easy to clean. Our mats come in both carpet and rubber, each of which are easy to clean – even our carpet mats can be hosed down and hung to dry. In fact, short of putting them in a washing machine*, they can be cleaned in most conventional ways.

  • Car mats and mat trays/liners. Car mats are generally flat products that are cut to follow the contours of the car footwell. Trays and liners generally have a lip around the edge with the claimed advantage being that any dirt or water cannot escape over the edge. This type of product is usually moulded which makes it very expensive to produce and is therefore often only available from the car manufacturer. Universal fit trays and liners are available, often in plastic and are sometimes labelled as semi-tailored. In reality, these are a universal shape that fit better in some cars than others.

  • Fibre weight. Whereas there are clearly understood measures of carpet quality in domestic uses, you may be forgiven for thinking this is not the case with car mats where there is a confusing mixture of references to gram, pile thickness, weight, etc. Quite the opposite is true, however. Fibre weight, carpet construction, and pile type are the key measure with carpet and depth is the measure with rubber. The higher the depth in rubber, the higher the quality. The higher the fibre weight, the higher the quality with carpet by fibre type, by pile type. Do not allow claims of weight to mislead you – more often than not car mat retailers selling low grade materials inflate weight by quoting an all-in weight for a set, not just the fibre weight per square metre.

  • All our mats are fully tailored to the car’s footwell. Each set is digitally cut and hand finished here in the UK to ensure consistently unrivalled quality.

In summary, we can say that car mats perform a key function in protecting your car’s interior and therefore, protect your investment at the same time.

* Carpet mats are designed to absorb their own fibre weight in water so, when soaked, become very heavy – heavy enough to damage most washing machines and tumble dryers. Besides, the car mats are NOT designed to be folded.