MG F Tailored Car Mats

MG F Tailored Car Mats

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All of our MG F car mats are tailored to fit the floor perfectly. We can supply sets for vehicles manufactured in the years 1995-2002. Our mats are guaranteed to improve the aesthetics of your interior, reduce road noise and protect the original carpet.

All of our floor mat patterns is available in the following carpet materials:

  • Standard Carpet - Needlefelt carpet produced in a 550 gram fibre, with a driver's heel pad. Excellent value for money and is often described as the industry standard.
  • Premium Carpet - Tufted carpet produced in a 750 gram fibre, with a driver's heel pad. A material which is softer to the touch, but with greater wear resistance.
  • Ultimate Carpet - Tufted carpet produced in a 1000 gram fibre. The deepest pile carpet available and hardest wearing which produces highest quality mats.

If your MG experiences some of the harshest conditions Australia has to offer, you may prefer one of our hard wearing rubber mats:

  • Standard Rubber - Produced from a 3-5mm rubber. Very easy to clean and represents excellent value, also described as an industry standard product.
  • Luxury Rubber - Produced from a 3-5mm rubber, incorporating a driver's heel pad. The heel pad gives extra protection to the high use area, increasing the longevity of the car mats.
  • Heavy Duty Rubber - Produced from a 5-7mm rubber. The hardest wearing automotive rubber available.

Our Fitted Car Mats are made to order and will be delivered to your door. Delivery usually takes 5-10 Working Days.


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Delivery of these custom MG F car mats is completely free of charge to ALL of Australia.